Agenda overview

Monday 20 May 2019


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Session I: Transition Leadership

The European Commission wants a European Union with net zero emissions by 2050, the most ambitious climate policy of any big economy. The political climate for the European elections is however looking particularly challenging across Europe. European leaders will need to show how the EU can make a real difference in citizen’s lives. Can Europe keep its leadership on climate change and can it accelerate the energy transition? Which players are taking advantage of technological improvements and how are they grasping value from the transition in the best way?




Session II: Powering People

In this era of the digitalisation and personalisation, consumers are looking for new, open and collaborative experiences and more compelling value propositions. Innovation strategies towards existing and new customers are becoming essential in energy company strategies. Can utilities trust that whatever they do and set up will be relevant in the future? What does it take for a company to be able to respond to changing customer expectations in a world of which the future happens quicker than predicted? To successfully transform, retailers will have to engage their customers in a truly effortless experience.


Gala Dinner for all participants

Tuesday 21 May 2019


Welcome remarks Day 2


Session III: Technology Leadership

While proactive policy has played a large role, much of what has made the shift towards a greener society is technological improvement. Today some of the world’s most interesting and exciting technologies are those designed to generate, transfer or store electricity. What are the emerging technologies that are about to transform the next decade of the power business and how do they enable other sectors to transform in due time?


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End of Summit & Networking Lunch