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‘Leading the Charge’,
a series of mini-documentaries about a cleaner energy future

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A world where electric cars are the norm, where homes generate and store their own electricity and grids are digital. This clean energy transition is the subject of a Eurelectric programme, a series of mini-documentaries which will explore how Europe’s power industry is working to develop a future of reliable, affordable and sustainable energy. The ambition is to bring to life the vision for the sector through beautifully crafted films, featuring leaders, innovators and enthusiasts and the projects that are changing the way people and industries use and store electricity.

“Electricity is the lifeblood of the energy transition. We are delighted to be commissioning BBC to tell the story about electricity and the benefits it can bring to citizens and society” - Kristian RUBY

The programme will be launched at the Eurelectric Power Summit in Florence on the 20th of May 2019. Following that, there will be an extensive advertising campaign targeting energy professionals, energy enthusiasts, energy consumers, and potential industry partners.

The outcome it’s hoped, will be a better understanding of what is happening in this changing energy landscape and how it will impact society. In the most compelling way, we want to share knowledge and provide the tools for new partnerships to be formed and new ways of operating to be implemented.

The programme is being produced for Eurelectric by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions, the content-marketing division of BBC Global News.

For information on how to be involved, please contact Charles Woodward, Global Head of Programme Partnerships, at

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